George Chaloupka Fellowship

In honour of Rock Art Historian, the late Emeritus Curator Dr. George Chaloupka OAM FAHA, MAGNT, the Foundation, has established the George Chaloupka Fellowship.  

The Fellowship aims to promote and support research and conservation of Aboriginal rock art located in Arnhem Land Plateau region in the Northern Territory of Australia and enhance the research holdings and stature of MAGNT in this important field.  Energy Resources of Australia Pty Ltd has provided funding for 6 years.  2012 is the fourth year this Fellowship will be awarded.

The Fellowship is awarded to undertake scholarly work in one or more of the following areas, with a view to publication:

·    Pursuing the recording / data collection of rock art sites in Arnhem Land Plateau region in areas not yet surveyed

·    Interpretation of sites by custodians / traditional owners;

·    Preservation of rock art;

·    Dating of rock art;

·    Researching and documenting the work of the late George Chaloupka OAM FAHA.

2009/10  Fellow:   Robert 'Ben' Gunn

Ben's research was focussed on the extraordinary Nawarla Gabarnmung Aboriginal art site in the centre of the Arnhem Land plateau.  He used cutting edge photography with computer technology as well as carbon dating of beeswax motifs help unravel the mysteries of hundreds and possibly thousands of years of artistic and cultural history at Nawarla Gabarnmung. 

2010/11  Fellow:   Darryl Wesley

Darryl's research was focussed on the Urrmarning (Red Lily Billabong) site, which had been damaged by fire and road dust.  The research, in collaboration with students at ANU focused on the development of a conservation plan for this site.

2011/12  Fellow:   Mandy Muir

Mandy is the first Indigenous recipient of the Fellowship.  Her project is Gunmim Gure Gadberre Daluk- Throudh the Eyes of Women.  It aims to document women's views of rock art based at Yuwunggayai.  Due to tragic family losses, Mandy has placed her Fellowship in abeyance.  our sincere condolances to Mandy and her family.  As of May 2013, Mandy has advised she is not in a position to continue.

2012/13 Fellow:  Daniel James

Daniel James of Monash University is the winner of the 2012/13 Fellowship. 

The $28,000 fellowship will support his research project entitled ‘Stories that resonate through time: the rock-art of the Little Barra rock shelter’. The Little Barra rock shelter is located on the Arnhem Land plateau in Jawoyn country not far from the Nawarla Gabarnmang site, which was the focus of research by the first George Chaloupka fellow and which is now being investigated by a team of Australian and international researchers at the invitation of the Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation.

Mr James’ research is directed at telling the story of the Little Barra rock-shelter through its rock art; an archaeological story of how the Jawoyn people utilised a place in the landscape over thousands of years - see Press Release 

Daniel will deliver the 2013 George Chaloupka Lecture on November 7 at 7pm, MAGNT Theatrette, Bullocky Point

2013/14 Fellow

WInner to be announced on November 7, 2013 at George Chaloupka Lecture - 7pm, MAGNT Theatrette, Bullocky Point